Merino Possum from New Zealand. Unique, warm and gorgeous!

Lanowool offers a range of knitwear produced in New Zealand in a unique material made with an exclusive blend of fine merino wool and opossum fur (opossum is a marsupial from New Zealand).

The special blend of 60% merino wool and 40% opossum fur makes the products up to 30% warmer than traditional wool products.

This is because opossum fur fibres – compared to other furs such as cashmere, wool and angora – have a hollow core and contain more air, which provides a higher degree of insulation.

When fur from the opossum is blended with merino wool, the result is a warm and very soft material. The blend of merino wool and opossum fur also makes the material highly resistant to pilling.

The Merino Possum accessories collection includes gloves, knitted hats, scarves, throws and ponchos. All products are machine washable (wool programme). Do not tumble dry.

The products are naturally dirt-repellent due to a high content of fur so they do not require often washing. Instead it is recommended to air the products outside – preferably at below zero degrees – as this will bring out the fur handsomely.

Opossum facts

The opussum is a herbivorous marsupial that only lives in New Zealand and Australia – not to be confused with the American carnivorous marsupial.

In New Zealand the opossum is well-known – not least because of its negative effect on the country’s ecosystem. There are about 80 million opossums in New Zealand and it is regarded as one of the worst herbivorous pests as it loves to eat the country’s local and rare plants. In just one night, a flock of opossums can eat an entire tree.

The opossum also has a negative effect on New Zealand’s rare birds as it eats birds’ eggs. New Zealand’s national bird – the Kiwi – used to be one of the most common birds, but today, because of the opossum, it is a rare and threatened species. A number of organizations such as The Royal Forest and Bird Society, New Zealand Department of Conservation, Friends of Earth and Greenpeace (NZ) all recommend the continuous reduction of the population.

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