About Esencia

Pure luxury based on 100% organic alpaca

Esencia is the newest brand in Lanowool’s exclusive collection of babywear.

The company was founded in 2006 by two mothers from Bolivia and Japan, both living in Denmark.

Esencia is a collection of high-quality clothes and accessories with simple designs. Furthermore, the products are designed and produced with key focus on both sustainability and social responsibility.

Esencia offers classic luxury products made from the finest natural alpaca and llama fibres from Peru and Bolivia respectively.

The alpaca and the llama are species from the camel family and the soft silk-like hairs of the animals make them very valuable. Their natural environment is in the Andes in South America, where temperatures vary greatly (from -25° C to +18° C).

Due to the variations in temperature, the alpaca and the llama have developed a coat in which every hair has an air pocket that retains heat when the weather is cold. It also absorbs moisture very efficiently.

In other words, alpaca and llama wool is warm, insulating, breathable and just as silky soft as, for instance, cashmere.

These qualities make alpaca and llama an obvious choice of fabric for the production of children’s’ clothing. The material is light, soft and comfortable. It’s dirt-proof, durable and pills less than e.g. wool from sheep.

Esencia’s products are designed in Denmark, but produced in Bolivia and Peru in accordance with these countries’ ancient, well-kept and highly respected traditions for textiles and handicrafts.

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