About Lanowool

History, vision and development of Lanowool
Lanowool, and the first products – woollen breastfeeding pads – was born in 1998 when Lene Alexandersen had her second child.

Back then, Lene lived with her husband in New Zealand and when she nursed her newborn, she endured sore breasts and skin irritation. She found that there were no breastfeeding pads, neither in New Zealand nor Denmark, that could remedy her problems.

Her vision was to develop a comfortable and efficient breastfeeding pad based on natural materials that would make nursing a more pleasant experience for both mother and child.

”When we started Lanowool, nobody thought much about the use of parabens in breastfeeding pads. My goal was to produce a breastfeeding pad that would remedy the problems that come with nursing, while keeping the nursing area 100% paraben-free,”, says Lene Alexandersen.

In cooperation with a leading wool analysis institute (AgResearch), Lene designed and produced a different and innovative breastfeeding pad based on particularly fine and soft merino wool from New Zealand.

The merino wool ensures that the breastfeeding pads are extremely comfortable as well as efficient when nursing.

The wool absorbs the breast milk so that the pad does not stick to the skin and sore breasts. Furthermore, wool is a breathable insulator, which prevents the skin and the breast from feeling cold when nursing.

The material used in the breastfeeding pads is 100% paraben-free (without preservatives), which reduces the newborn’s risk of developing e.g. allergies later on.

Since the beginning in 1998, the breastfeeding pad production has continuously been improved and optimized. Lene says: “Today we use a much finer woollen thread that doesn’t irritate nor itch, and since 2012 we have produced Lanowool breastfeeding pads from 100% untreated wool from Mesopotamia station in South Canterbury, New Zealand. Here, the merino sheep graze all year round, and the wool is so naturally clean that it can be treated with bio-degradable detergents only.”

Over the years, Lanowool has received a number of prizes and awards, including:

August 2001: The Enterprise Award awarded by the New Zealand Industry & Trade for developing the Lanowool breastfeeding pad prototype
May 2002: The ZONTA Canterbury Award for Women in Business. The award money was invested in an analysis of professionals’ such as midwives experiences with the use of breastfeeding pads
July 2002:Lanowool was approved by the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)
May 2005: Breast Pad Survey, School of Health Sciences, Massey University, New Zealand. Ph.D.
Cheryl Benn. Lanowool was approved in a breastfeeding pad analysis
August 2007: A TIPS Award for “Testers’ Favourite” & “Best Innovation”, Sharon Trotter, midwife and author of a number of breastfeeding books.

Today, Lanowool has expanded and now offers a range of other, specially selected quality products for women and children.

Lanowool is owned by Lene Alexandersen, who also owns SoftSpot Aps – a company that sells and markets shoes, sandals and boots primarily for women.

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