About Pigeon Organics

Pigeon Organics are English baby clothes in delicious organic cotton

Pigeon Organics (formerly Organics for Kids) is a leading English brand within baby and children's clothing, from which Lanowool has selected a number of delicious and attractive products.

The selected collection includes, among other things, hats, jackets, body and kick suits.

Pigeon Organics was founded in 2004 with the ambition to offer baby clothes in soft organic cotton produced under environmental and socially responsible conditions.

The company's focus is on designing and developing exciting and nature-friendly baby clothes and at the same time ensuring great attention to every detail in the production process.

In the years up to 2013, all products from Pigeon Organics were produced in Nottingham, England, in close collaboration with a small family-run factory.

In 2013, however, the English factory had to close, and then it became necessary to move production to other countries.

In recent years, production has therefore taken place in factories in Turkey, Ukraine, Portugal and India, but as of December 2015, Pigeon Organics will again produce parts of its collection at a small factory in Nottingham, England. The new factory will handle the production of the series "Made in England".

Pigeon Organics is among others certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) producer, and most of the company's collection meets these standards. The certification covers the entire value chain – ie. from growing materials to supplying the finished product.

Some materials used in production (eg dyes) are not organic, but the company's GOTS certification ensures that no substances are used that can be harmful in any way.

Further information on GOTS is available at: www.global-standard.org.

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