• Heidi Long

    Kommentar indsendt på 24. April 2017

    Lanowool breastfeeding pads are fantastic. They are a 'must-have' for breastfeeding mothers. Unlike other pads I have used, Lanowool pads are so soft and do not stick to sore nipples. With proper care, you can continue using these pads for months, making them very economical and environmentally friendly. Lanowool pads are definitely worth every penny.

  • Isobel Devery

    Kommentar indsendt på 22. March 2016

    I first used Lanowool breast pads with my own babies while breast feeding. Being sheep farmers also, I like that they are pure wool, reusable and keep breasts warm. The super fine knitted wool is gentle on skin and prevents any milk leakage. I've been practicing as a midwife for 11 years and I'm very happy to recommend Lanowool breast pads to my clients. I've had very positive feedback from some samples that I have been lucky enough to give out to breast-feeding women. Women love that they are reusable, washable, very gentle on skin and nipples also preventing any sticking of nipple to breast pad, and no milk leakage. The Lanowool Breast Pads are a great product and I have no hesitation in giving my full endorsement and recommendation to all breast feeding women. Isobel Devery, New Zealand

  • Sharon Trotter BSc

    Kommentar indsendt på 21. March 2016

    Testimonial by Sharon Trotter; mother, midwife and founder of the TIPS Award Scheme I first tested the Lanowool washable breast pads in 2007 and they have been a firm favourite with my testers ever since. In 2010 they were sent out to ten more of our Parent Testers. Here is the final review: Feedback from our 2007 trial of breast pads showed that many Testers preferred to use washable pads because they are more eco-friendly than disposable ones. In the 2010 trial, Lanowool™ breastfeeding pads were universally praised by Parent Testers as one of the best reusable pads. The 100% organic merino wool pads are supremely comfortable, soft, slim line and easy to wash. They stayed in place, were discreet and kept Testers dry. Although quite expensive, Testers thought the Lanowool™ pads were cost effective as they are high quality and more than exceeded Testers’ expectations. A refreshing concept in reusable breast pads, Lanowool™ pads really work. This is why we are delighted to award Lanowool™ the accolade of ‘Best Washable’ pad. This is what some of the Testers said: • Lanowool™ pads are wonderful!! They are so comfortable you forget you are wearing them! • I wish I had discovered them earlier! • I loved the size, the feel and you didn’t need to wash them every day • Although it did not stick to my bra, it stayed in place and was discreet. I continue to support and promote this excellent brand whenever the opportunity arises. In fact my daughter, who gave birth to my first grandchild last year, also loves using these eco-friendly breast pads. It is exciting to see that the Lanowool brand is now expanding into new areas of product design and I look forward to checking out the latest arrivals on their new website. Sharon Trotter BSc January 2016

  • Claire McFarlane

    Kommentar indsendt på 21. March 2016

    Hi There, I was just wanting to know local suppliers of these breastfeeding pads in Auckland please. Specifically south Auckland but anywhere in Auckland will be ok. I got given some when I had my first baby 2 years ago and I think they are the best thing since sliced bread and now I want to buy them for all my friends that are mummy’s to be. Brilliant product! Thanks Claire McFarlane

  • Ann Smales

    Kommentar indsendt på 11. March 2016

    I just wanted to give some feedback on your breastfeeding pads.I have a six week old baby (which I breastfeed), and for the first four weeks of her birth I was in a significant amount of breast pain due to an infection in one of my breasts and the cold weather (I live in Dunedin, NZ). I would pick up my baby to walk her around to calm her down, and the pain in my breasts would leave me in tears. Somebody suggested these pads, which I had never heard of before. I tried them this week, and for the first time since my baby was born I was free of pain. They are so soft on my nipples, and they keep that whole area warm. I can't thank you enough for making this product. I was very close to giving up breastfeeding, but after trying these pads I enjoy breastfeeding. On the advice of my midwife and the lactation at the hospital, I tried a number of things to ease the pain. Those things did not work. I am going to tell the midwife and every breastfeeding woman I know about your product, as it works so well. So thank you for making this product, I am truly grateful.

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