Questions and answers about the Lanowool® breastfeeding pads

For average milk supply, one pair is sufficient. If you have a lot of milk and experience regular leakage, you need two pairs. It can be a good idea to use two pairs for extra absorption or for use at night

The breastfeeding pads come in two sizes: medium/12 cm in diameter or large/15 cm in diameter. Medium fits a blouse size of *34-40 when not pregnant. Size large fits a blouse size *42 and above, or if you have a larger bosom.

It is recommended to wash the breastfeeding pads by hand in lukewarm water every day at the beginning of the nursing period. A small amount of wool soap or paraben-free shampoo is good for washing out the milk fat. Subsequently rinse a couple of times. Machine washable using a wool programme. Once the breast milk has stabilized, it is recommended to wash the breastfeeding pads once a week. 5% shrinkage is to be expected.

Lanowool breastfeeding pads are made of the finest merino wool. Wool is a natural product which maintains your body temperature. Therefore, they can be used in both hot and cold weather as wool doesn’t ’heat’ but ’insulate’.

Depending on your milk supply you can use them up to 24 hours a day throughout your nursing period. If you have heavy milk supply or need extra absorption, we recommend having at least two pairs of breastfeeding pads.

You can order on You are also welcome to email your order to or to call Lanowool on: +45 25 11 39 42. Lanowool breastfeeding pads are also sold in selected stores, see list of dealers.