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Baby accessories
We sell a small selection of delicious accessory products for your baby. Choose from baby fleece rug in 100% organic brushed cotton or blanket in 100% untreated wool. Both from Living Crafts. Or choose a bath towel in 100% organic cotton, also from Living Crafts.

We are also lucky to offer two completely unique and extremely exclusive teddy bears from Kallisto. The outside is 100% organic cotton, the filling is 100% pure wool. With these teddy beans you do not have to worry when it's close to your baby in the cradle. One teddy bear has a small slot machine that plays Mozart's Wiegenlied.

Most of Kallisto's products are based on a very fine organic cotton, while the actual content of the equidae is made up of 100% pure new wool. Some products are based on normal cotton or 100% mohair.

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